Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Siege of Vicksburg and 42nd Ohio Infantry

The 42nd Ohio Infantry served in many military campaigns during the Civil War, including the Battle/Siege of Vicksburg from May 18th to July 4th of 1863. To make a long story short, Union Major General Ulysses S. Grant knew he had to defeat the Confederate army in Mississippi for a few reasons. The most important of these reasons was so the Mississippi River would be under Union control, and so the Confederate army would be split and weakened. Grant did indeed defeat the Confederates under Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton. The Confederates had no choice but to surrender, since they were cut off, without reinforcements, and starving. Paired with Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg in July of 1863, this was the turning point of the war, in favor of the Union. It’s pretty amazing that you can find connections to important events in American history by just taking a walk through the cemetery and doing a little homework afterwards.* :)
*This gentleman left the 42nd Ohio Infantry in 1862, so he was not personally at Vicksburg, although his former regiment was. Here is more information about the 42nd Ohio:

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