Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love your art, love your unique self

Cemetery art and photography are two of the many things that I enjoy that makes me unique. 

I take photos to capture  the stories behind the headstones. These photos also explain a part of myself and how I see the world. I don't care so much that my photos are of excellent quality or represent a subject matter that lots of people will enjoy. What matters to me is that taking photos brings me down a much needed path of self expression. If others enjoy them and learn something, I'm flattered! If not, oh well! I am still satisfied with my artistic abilities. The fact that I'm expressing a true part of myself to others, whether they like it or not, is all that matters. Everyone should have something, whether it's art or some other outlet, that they can use as a means to learn about themselves and the world around them.

The point I'm really trying to get to is that it seems like not many women my age really express themselves in a way that is truly their own. So many girls try to project an image that they feel others, especially men, will respond to in a positive manner. Some in my generation feel as though Lady Gaga is a revolutionary artist. She plays it safe, though, and her creativity is bound to stereotypically female areas. It's fashion, perfection, and sex that she sells as her own brand of creativity. Her expression lacks the sincerity and passion that I see in other artists; she clearly constructs her image in a marketable way. Could she be doing it for the attention or the money, as so many others do?  How boring!

It's as though women have taken a step in the wrong direction, against their own self-respect and individuality. They often try to be what they think men want (or be what other females expect them to be like, to a lesser degree) in order to receive attention, even though it might be the wrong kind. I hear women say things like "Oh, my boyfriend/husband wouldn't let me do this or that!" If someone told me that I couldn't be who I am or pursue my hobbies without their permission, that sure wouldn't go over well with me, and they wouldn't be a fixture in my life for too long!

I usually don't touch on topics that don't explicitly have to do with history or cemeteries, but I thought this was important. All women should have the self-confidence and support that inspires them to be special and create something that matters to them. I'm glad that I am independent and my own person. My blog and photos are a reflection of my personal expression, and I wish more women would express themselves and prove to themselves that they are capable of fantastic things! 

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  1. Good for you that you've found a form of self-expression that helps you learn about yourself and the world around you - and that you have the talent and confidence to share it! Conforming to the majority standard is a much easier way for many people to live. It's not easy to be a non-conformist, but it's the only real way to be true to yourself. Through example you can be an inspiration to women who don't understand this or don't know how to break out of it, so keep posting!