Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zinc (White Bronze) Gravestones

Zinc gravestones are quite interesting. They are characterized by their bluish color and state of impeccable preservation. I was amazed when I saw this stone in person because it is so flawless and over 140 years old! All zinc gravestones came from the same company in Connecticut, and were made from about 1870 to 1912 (when the company stopped producing them). Each stone was created individually for the person who ordered it, with a variety of personalizations available. 

It is touching to think that this stone was designed by the loved ones of this deceased person. The sheaf of wheat shows that the individual lived a long and full life. Wheat can also be symbolic of God because wheat nourishes and sustains so many people. Daisies are plentiful and can grow just about anywhere, so they often stand for the love of the Virgin Mary. This gentleman must have been loved and missed by his family, as the quote on his gravestone would suggest. 

For more on zinc gravestones, check out this link: Zinc Gravestones 

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  1. This gravestone is remarkably well-preserved and contains some great images! Such a nice quote too. I never understood the wheat and daisies symbolism - now I do! Thanks.