Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Broken Bud

Emma A. Wolboldt
Died Feb. 18, 1875
Aged 1 yr. 3 Ms. 

The loss of a young life is sometimes symbolized by a broken bud. The snapped branch represents a life cut short... before they have had time to grow, bloom, and flourish. This symbol is almost exclusively used on the gravestones of young people. 

On an interesting note, from the research I've done on Find a Grave (which is a wonderful website that I highly recommend for anyone searching for grave/cemetery records), I've found a photo of young Emma's mother, Sarah:

(She is the one in black, sitting down)

Also, this gravestone has been lovingly cleaned and repaired by someone, whom I am assuming may be a descendant (who may have also left the flowers):

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  1. I knew about the the lamb symbol to signify the deaths of babies and children, but I've never heard about the broken bud. How interesting...thanks for sharing.