Saturday, December 8, 2012

Keifer Croco, the Croco House, and the Underground Railroad

Keifer Croco was a pretty fascinating man. He was a rural farmer, but he was also passionate about abolition. His home was a stop on the Underground Railroad, and he cared for many slaves on their journey to freedom (The Croco House is a private residence, so the actual place where he hid slaves isn't open to the public). A local mob who disagreed with his stance on slavery once assaulted him and crushed his skull. He survived and wore a gold plate in his head for the rest of his life. Pretty amazing man, right? Here are links to his Find A Grave page, as well as a photo of his home:

Keifer Croco's Find A Grave page: 

The Croco House: 

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  1. I'll say he was an amazing man - and a very courageous one! Having seen where the Croco house is located, I'm amazed to think of runaway slaves moving through such an isolated area during such dangerous times. They were lucky that Keifer Croco, and so many like him, were there to assist. It all makes me realize how petty my perceived problems really are.